Ministry of Maritime Affairs

Ministry of Maritime Affairs in Islamabad is the central administrative authority of  the Government of Pakistan primarily assigned to facilitate the ports and shipping industry of Pakistan by providing policy guideline to encourage port development and growth in shipping while maintaining safety standards. The Ministry is headed by the Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs assisted by the Secretary, Maritime Affairs. In Karachi Director General (Maritime Affairs) represents Ministry.


               "To be the leading contributing sector to the national economy known for its competence and professionalism"

 Ministry Mission: 

                  "Sustainable development of maritime capabilities and competitive shipping to improve the scio-economic condition of the country and to ensure maritime safety and protection of marine envoironment"            

Goals & Objectives :  

  1. The primary goals are to ensure efficiency,enhance productivity and inculcate advanced practices and technology.
  2. Enhance good governance
  3. Rationalize port charges 
  4. Formulate plans and policies to promote shipping sector 
  5. Induce ship owning under the flag of Pakistan
  6. Maintain safety and security standards as per International Maritime Organization(IMO) Convention 
  7. Ensure and maintain quality of pakistani seafarers in the line with international best practices 
  8. Maintain technical control and to regulate functioning of subordinate organizations, KPT, PQR, GPA and PNSC

 Functions Of the Ministry: 

  1. National Planning, research and international aspects of: Inland water transport: and Coastal shipping within the same Province.
  2. Diverted cargo belonging to the Federal Government.
  3. Navigation and shipping including coastal shipping but no including shipping confined to one Province; safety of ports and regulation of matter relating to dangerous cargo.
  4. Navigation and Shipping on inland water-ways as regards mechanically propelled vessels and the rule of the road on such water-ways; carriage of passengers and goods on inland water-ways.
  5. Light-houses, including lightships, beacons and other provisions for safety of shipping.
  6. Admiralty jurisdiction; offences committed on the high seas;
  7. Declaration and delimitation of major ports and the constitution and power of authorities in following ports: a) Karachi Port Trust b) Port Bin Qasim c) Gwadar Port
  8. Mercantile Marine; Planning for development and rehabilitation of Pakistan Merchant Navy; international shipping and maritime conferences and ratification of their conventions; training of seamen; pool for national shipping.